We Love what we do

We ENJOY, the joy on the kids (and adult "kids") faces when they enjoy our products.

Here is a couple of photos and video links of the events and festivals, we attended with our jumping castles and parachute rocket. If you have any enquiries about the festivals and or our jumping castles, contact us through te contact form.

Have fun browsing through our BLOW ALBUMS Click on a thumbnail to open the album, reading my comments and viewing my videos.

Highslide JS ALBUM 1: Besige Bergies: Bergsig Primary school 1/07/2011
I am still wondering…who had the most fun? The kids, teachers (nearly forgot…the principal also had a jump) or us looking on seeing all the happy faces and hearing the laughter. At the end of the day the kids is the ones that count…for that brief moment they had fun. Thank you to all the teachers of Besige Bergies and the Principal of Bergsig Primary School for letting us come to your school. We see that the kids is close to your hearts and they love you all…your GREAT!!!.
First group.
First group.
Highslide JS ALBUM 2: Strawberry Festival 29/10/2011.
I know this is why I went into this business…hearing laughter and joy from kids. The day we spent at Lakelands Strawberry Festival did not feel at all like other festivals. Here the kids, was the ones for whom was the day was for. From Pony rides (LOL..my kids made me broke going on the rides continuously….city kids), tractor ride all the stalls and I won’t forget…Such sweet strawberries with cream…it was just WOW. Thank you to Kobus, Marthie and all at the festival for a EXCELENT day..even my kids had so much fun.
Caption for the second image in the second group.
Caption for the third image in the second group.